Our Daily Schedule


Mrs. Prud’homme’s  Pre-K 

Daily Universal Remote Schedule




8:00-8:20   Morning Meeting (gather & greet, morning message, daily schedule)

8:20-8:50   Literacy Block (large group literacy, phonological awareness, and/or story time)

8:50-9:10   Break

9:10-9:40   Specials       Monday: Social & Emotional (Synchronous) 

                                         Tuesday: Social & Emotional (Synchronous)

                                         Wednesday: Art (Asynchronous)

                                         Thursday: Social & Emotional (Synchronous)

                                         Friday: Music (Asynchronous)

9:40-10:00   Break

10:00-10:30   Math (First 15 minutes synchronous / 15 minutes Asynchronous)

10:30-10:45   Break

10:45-11:00                   Monday: Science (Synchronous) 

                                        Tuesday: Science (Asynchronous)

                                        Wednesday: Social Studies (Synchronous)

                                        Thursday: Social Studies (Asynchronous)

                                        Friday: Science or Social Studies (Asynchronous)


11:00-11:45   Small Groups **During the first few weeks of school, this will be by teacher request only

11:45-12:45   Lunch/ Recess

12:45-2:15   *Rest time and time for uninterrupted play of their choosing*




*This schedule may change as FCS enters different phases*